Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Metamorphosis

Saturday morning started with a Cross Country meet.  This was a large meet with hundreds of students participating from across the Twin Cities area. I zoomed in on the starting line.  This is about 25% of the starting line.

The finish line................You can see how hard they are running as everyone tries to run a blitz at the end.  Some of these young women run 4 K in under 16 minutes,  so you can see why they are working so hard.

 This is after the race.......she had just finished.  In case you are wondering why there is not a picture of Laura actually finishing the race...............   At the finish you can either cheer or take pictures.  This mom is not that coordinated to do both at once:):)

Laura with two of her friends at the finish,  Don't you love the colorful shoes????

  On to the Twin Cities Marathon???

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